Toilet Running Periodically: What's the Issue?

A toilet running can be an extremely annoying problem. Even if it’s just periodically if left untreated it can cause you to waste water. During a water crisis this could be an extreme problem. If you are on well water you could run the risk of running your well dry over time.

Leakage Problems

One of the biggest causes of toilet running is there are leaks around the seal. The seal at the back of the holding tank for your toilet will wear out over time. This is a simple fix and can be fixed by a simple gasket that you can do yourself. The seal will come with an instruction packet that will show you how to replace the gasket. You can also go online and find videos that can show you to fix the problem.

Issues with the Toilet Mechanism

If leaking is not the problem, there may be an issue with the toilet mechanism. If this is the case the toilet mechanism will have to be replaced. This is a very simple fix and can be replaced for around fifteen dollars. You will find an instruction manual in the box with the replacement parts. If you follow this your toilet running problem will stop and you will not have any more problems.