Toilet Seal Replacement Tips

A toilet seat.

To keep the toilet from leaking, a toilet seal is used between the toilet base and the drain pipe. This seal is typically a ring of wax that is compressed from the weight of the toilet. When installed correctly it will keep the toilet from leaking and even keep drain odors from entering the home.

Make Sure You Get Right Size

There are different sizes of toilet seals. Once you get the old one off, measure the diameter of the toilet drain to get the right size needed for the new seal. Some toilet seal manufacturers will also require a beveled shaped to the seal.

Clean Old Seal off Completely

A toilet in a small room.

Before installing a new toilet seal, make sure the old one is completely removed. The residue left from the old seal will prevent the new one from forming an airtight seal, allowing for leaks.

Apply Even Pressure

When installing the toilet on the seal, apply even pressure without pressing one side. Tighten the bolts in an even manner. Once the nut begins to make contact with the toilet, give it a few turns and then do the same to the other side. Alternate between the two until the seat is snug with the floor. Do not over-tighten because the pressure can cause the seal to crack and leak.