Toilet Seat Repair: How to Fix Soft Lids

What You'll Need
Soft toliet lid

If you want to avoid being avoid a rude awakening due to a hard, cold toilet seat, an easy toilet seat repair will remedy the problem. This is achieved by replacing the hard lid with a soft lid or padded toilet seat. They are available in a wide variety of colors and there are extended and rounded designs so you could easily find one that will fit your toilet seat perfectly.

Step 1 – Getting the Right Soft Lid

When purchasing a soft lid for your toilet seat, make sure that it can hold your weight and the other members of the family. Most can hold around 250 pounds but anything more that and you have to throw your soft lid away.

Step 2 – Securing the Lid

If the soft lid is wiggly or has come loose, tighten it to prevent undue wear and tear on the lid. You could also have a shaky toilet experience if it is not well secured.

Step 3 – Removing the Lid

If the lid has too much damage in it, you may have to replace it. To remove it, position yourself right in front of it and make sure that you have perfect balance before lifting it. Hold it on the sides and lift it off slowly.