Toilet Seat Riser Types

For people who have a difficulty getting on and off the toilet, a toilet seat riser, also known as a toilet seat lifter, is a great toileting aid. It is attached on the toilet, making the distance to sit down or get back up shorter. Most have hand rails for extra support and can be used underneath the toilet seat. Installing a toilet seat riser is easy to do. Using only a few screws to put on a toilet seat riser can make a difference in using the toilet independently.

Toilet seat risers are mostly made of plastic and can support between 250 and 300lbs, and fit the standard toilet bowl. They can come with hand rails, under grips, legs, and in different width sizes to fit elongated toilets. Most risers are installed underneath the toilet seat, but there are some that can be placed on top of the seat, meaning no installation is necessary.

There are different types of toilet seat risers, depending on what you need.


In choosing a toilet seat riser, find one with which you can keep both of your feet flat on the floor while allowing you to rise or sit comfortably. 


Make sure the toilet seat riser you choose will accommodate your weight. 


Some toilet seat risers are attached under the existing toilet seats. This type is helpful if a permanent attachment is needed. Some models replace the existing seat and lid, or are bolted in place by removing the current bolts and replacing them with longer bolts to hold the toilet seat riser in place.  

Frames and Armrests

There are types of toilet seat risers that come with armrests or toilet seat frames that are especially made for people with stability problems when rising or have difficulty sitting and standing. Remember to check the width between the armrests since it may vary. Be sure to choose one you are comfortable with.  

Seat Cutouts

Some types of toilet riser seats have cutouts in the front and/or the back, which are made for ease in personal hygiene or to assist post-surgical or traumatic injury patients who must keep an extended hip position. Having seat cutouts allows you to extend the leg without bending, and slopes are on either on the left or right side of the toilet seat riser.  

Toilet Riser

Some may prefer a permanent toilet riser. A toilet riser is not placed on top of the toilet seat or underneath the toilet seat. It is put under the toilet and raises up the entire toilet, making you forget it is there as everyone continues to use the toilet normally. A toilet riser is convenient, it doesn’t need special cleaning or maintenance, and it is comfortable. It requires a one-time installation, but is more expensive compared to a toilet seat riser.