Toilet Sink Combo Systems

a toilet tank with tools on top

Everyone’s looking for creative ways to save water in the home, but Japan may have long had a strategy that the rest of the world might want to adopt, which is the toilet sink combination system.

A toilet sink combo system includes a small sink with running water that’s situated over the toilet tank. The water that runs from the sink drains into the toilet tank and fills it. Although the sink is not a replacement for your regular bathroom sink, this set up allows you to recycle the water that you use to rinse your hands by reusing it in the toilet tank. It’s cheaper and simpler to install than a gray water recycling system.

Save Water and Money

Most people install toilet sink combo systems because they save water in a major way, up to 30%. That is not only great for the environment, but it’s also great for your pocketbook.

Fight Germs

With a toilet sink system, you don’t actually have to turn faucets or touch knobs, since the water is already running. It helps you fight germs and keep pesky colds away.