Toilet Stopper Replacement

What You'll Need
New stopper

Installing a replacement stopper for your toilet is a task that can be done without any call to a plumber.

Below are the steps that will take you through this fairly simple project.

Step 1 - Turn Off Water

The first thing you will want to do, is shut off the water. Then flush your toilet to make sure the tank is empty.

Step 2 - Gain Access

Now you can take the lid off of your toilet tank. This will expose the inside of the tank where you will find your existing stopper. Simply pull the chain that is attached to the stopper, and remove it out of the tank.

Remove the chain from the stopper using a pliers. You will be using this exact same chain for your new stopper in the next step.

Step 3 - Attach to New Stopper

Now that you have removed the chain from the old stopper, you can put it through the hole on the new one. Again, using your pliers push the chain together to secure it.

Take the new stopper and place it in the tank, in the same area where you removed your old one.

Step 4 - Test It Out

Test it out, by flushing your toilet to make sure there is a good tight seal in the tank.

There you have it. Great job.