Toilet Tank Lever Repair

What You'll Need
New flush lever (preferably metal than plastic)
Wrench (optional if bolt holding the flush handle is made of metal)

Majority of the toilet problems are due to a defective toilet tank lever. As toilets are very important devices in the homes, it should be given immediate attention if it needs repair. In order for you to easily fix your toilet problem with only a fraction of your total expense if you were to call a handyman to repair it for you, follow the step-by-step guide listed below.

Step 1 – Turn off the Toilet Water Supply and Remove the Toilet Lid

Continuous water supply that is running purposely will mean excess unnecessary expenses on your part. To begin repairing the toilet, turn the water valve off. This valve is found inches above the floor right behind the toilet tank and attached to the wall. Next, remove the toilet lid that covers the top of the tank. Take out the broken toilet tank lever and disconnect it from the flushing valve chain. Allow the water to drain from the toilet by opening the valve.

Step 2 – Remove the Bolt Holding the Flush Handle

After removing the broken lever and unhooking it from the flush valve chain, unscrew the bolt that hold the flush handle. This bolt is a left-handed thread. To loosen the bolt, turn it clockwise. As most levers are made of plastic, this can be unscrewed by hand. If the bolt is made of metal, a good wrench will aid you with this task.

Step 3 – Insert the New Lever and Attach to Flushing Valve Chain

There is a hole in the tank where the new lever can be inserted and the flush handle will be reattached. Insert the new lever there. The new lever has to be in a horizontal position inside the tank. Connect the new lever to the flushing valve chain to make the chain taut. Screw the lever and handle to the tank with the bolt. Do not tighten the bolt too much.

Step 4 – Turn the Water On

Finally, turn on the water system. The toilet tank has to be filled with water. Test your toilet by pushing the toilet tank lever and it should flush perfectly.

Points to Remember

A metal toilet tank lever is a better option than a plastic lever. If you have a plastic lever, it can easily be broken. Moreover, a metal toilet tank lever provides you with durability and flexibility as you can always manipulate the thin metal lever by bending it if it gets in the way of some toilet tank parts. Tightening the bolt too much and you may end up with a broken china tank. Tanks are quite sensitive and expensive. Inexpensive but durable toilet tank levers can have a plastic flush handle with metal lever. This can be bought from hardware stores for less than $10. Ask your nearest hardware store about it.