Toilet Water Supply Valve Replacement

What You'll Need
Replacement valve
Two wrenches
Plumber's tape

The toilet water supply valves are also referred to as the valve of water supply. This valve is a knob that turns the water to the toilet off. When toilet repairs need to be done, it is essential to turn the water supply off. A lot of times, the valve of the water supply will begin to drip. If this is left unattended, the water drip will damage the flooring. It is not difficult to replace a dripping toilet water valve. Before starting this project, purchase the replacement valve and have it on hand first before taking off the old valve.

Step 1 – Main Water Shut Off

Shut down the main valve to the house. Let the household members know that they will not be able to use the water for the time being. Once the water is turned off, turn on the water in the bathroom tub. This will let the pipes drain quickly.

Step 2 – Remove the Old Valve

Place a pan or a bowl under the valve for catching the water. Take out water line that goes from the toilet to the valve. Take out the old cut-off valve from water pipe that comes from the wall. Use two wrenches to do this. Take one wrench each in both hands and push the two wrenches in opposite directions from one another.

Step 3 – Remove the Ring and Nut

The existing nut may or may not come off from the pipe. If it does not come off, the brass ring has created a seal alongside the nut’s internal surface. In actuality, using the old nut and ring is fine. That may not be the source from where the water leak is coming from.

Step 4 – Tape the New Valve Threads

Wrap two layers of the plumber's tape over the threads of the new valve. Ensure that the tape is wrapped in a clockwise direction. This will prevent the tape from unwinding while tightening the nut. 

Step 5 – Connect the Valve Back

Connect the valve back into the pipe from the wall. To tighten, use the two wrenches to make the job easier. 

Step 6- Connect Water Line Back

Connect water line back to the replaced valve from toilet.

Step 7 – Turn the Water Back On

Turn the main water supply back on. Check for any leakage. If there is leaking still, tighten the valve again until the leaking stops.

The toilet water supply valves can go on for many years without ever turning it off and then reopening again. This alone may cause the washers to either become crusted up or brittle with the mineral deposits. This results in losing their ability to seal water leaks.