Tools Needed to Repair PVC Pipe

When you need to repair PVC pipe, the work will proceed more smoothly if you have the correct tools on hand for the job.

PVC Pipe cutter

A PVC pipe cutter will give you a much better cut than a saw when you have to repair PVC pipe. The cutter grabs the pipe and the act of cutting is performed by using the ratchet, so you don’t need strength to do it.


A sharp knife, used carefully, can removed the t8iny parings of plastic that are left after cutting pipe during PVC pipe repair.


Channel-lock pliers are ideal for working on PVC pipe repair, as they can be set to grip the pipe firmly, without slipping. You will often need to have the pipe secure in this manner. Channel lock pliers are also excellent for turning nuts to join 2 pieces of pipe.

Plumber’s Tape

PTFE plumber’s tape is a vital piece of equipment when you’re working on PVC pipe repair as it helps effect a watertight seal between two pieces of pipe when you joining them.

Miter Box

There will be times you’ll need to cut pipe at an angle to repair PVC pipe. For this you’ll need a miter box and saw, not the pipe cutters.