Tools You'll Need for Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing is the procedure that involves removing the damaged mortar and filling the joints between bricks with fresh, matching mortar. This job is not complicated, but you will nrrd a number of tools and suitable materials. Hand tools are recommended when doing tuck pointing work, as any power tools could cause damage to the existing bricks. However, in newer buildings, power tools may also be used.

Plugging Chisel and Hammer

A plugging chisel is a tool you will need to use when you clean the joints and eliminate the damaged mortar. The hammer may also come in handy when cleaning the brick joints.

Mortar Trowel

The mortar trowel should be chosen according to the size of the joints. Make sure the trowel is wide enough, so that you can work efficiently, but not too wide, so that you won’t cover the adjacent bricks as well when performing the tuck pointing.

Tuckpointing Grinder

A tuckpointing grinder may be used in newer buildings and can efficiently cut into old mortar, rapidly removing it.

Mortar Gun

The mortar gun is another power tool that may be used in tuck pointing. It can be attached to a drill and used to apply the new mortar into the joints.