Top 3 Baseboard Trim Materials

The top 3 baseboard trim materials are wood, plastic and vinyl. The baseboard trim finish provides a decorative finish for a room and a way to conceal the uneven ends of flooring when it meets a wall. Baseboards are a common building material, and knowing the different type of trim materials can give you an idea of how they can be used to decorate your home.

Wood Baseboard Material

Wood baseboards are the most common style of trim material that is used. It is the easiest to work with and is a standard for many builders. The advantage of using wood as a baseboard trim material is that wood can be cut and placed in almost any part of a room that needs a baseboard finish. Wood baseboards are also easy to paint and over time when the wood baseboard material needs replacement, it can be easily removed.

Vinyl Baseboard Material

Vinyl is a baseboard trim material that can provide a look and feel similar to wood. Vinyl baseboards can be used in placed of the home that are subject to water and moisture and can withstand this exposure much better than wood baseboards can. A home fitted with vinyl baseboards can last longer than a home with wood baseboards. Vinyl is durable and can be as easy to work with and install as wood baseboards are.

Vinyl baseboards cannot be painted as easily as wood baseboards can. This means that vinyl baseboards are designed in pre-determined colors and styles in order to provide you with a variety of choices for your baseboard trim. The vinyl can be manufactured to look very similar to a wood trim so its use is not limited to bathrooms, kitchens and laundry facilities.

Plastic Baseboard Material

Plastic baseboards have similar properties to vinyl baseboards. Plastic can be styled the same way that vinyl can to emulate wood and give you the same look and feel. Plastic is easy to mass produce so its cost as a trim material is less than vinyl and wood. Plastic can be colored and styled since it is also not as easy to paint as wood is.

Plastic baseboards are durable and long lasting. Installing plastic baseboards can be easy to accomplish. A do-it-yourselfer can accomplish the installation or it can be installed with the aid of professional installers. Plastic baseboards is easy to maintain and will not require the same level of maintenance as wood baseboards. Plastic baseboards do not need a kick or shoe guard like wood baseboards do to protect them from scuffs and dents.