Top 3 Floor Soundproofing Options

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Below you will find a rundown of your options with regard to floor soundproofing. Whether you are being bothered by airborne noises such as talking or the sound of a television or you are hearing impact noises such as vibrations or footsteps, having to deal with a noisy floor can be frustrating. There are several options that you will have for dealing with this problem, and you can read about them below.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

One of the newest products out on the market is referred to as Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV). Mass Loaded Vinyl has the ability to block out the vast majority of airborne noise, but it is far less effective at dealing with impact noises. If your problem is with airborne noises, therefore, Mass Loaded Vinyl might be a great solution.

Impact Barrier Underlay

By far the most popular choice for floor soundproofing is Impact Barrier carpet underlay. Impact Barrier is a dense recycled rubber product that does a great job of canceling out both impact and airborne noises. Impact Barrier comes in 4 foot by 8 foot tiles that are relatively easy to cut with a utility knife to fit around corners and outcroppings. Each individual sheet of Impact Barrier costs around $100, so if you are covering a large floor space this can be a slightly pricey option.

For this and all other options, you will need to remove your carpet to access the subfloor, so just be aware of that. Once you have removed your carpet, you will have to lay the Impact Barrier across the floor with tiles side by side, starting in a corner and eliminating any spacing between them. When you have laid all of the Impact Barrier tiles, use duct tape to cover the seams and attach the tiles together.

Often, Impact Barrier is used in more than one layer in order to ensure that the floor is completely soundproofed. Impact Barrier is roughly 1/4-inch thick, so even two layers will not result in a drastic increase in your floor height. If you are using more than one layer, be sure to stagger the seams in order to make sure there are not any structurally weak spots on the floor. Then, once you have covered the floor to your satisfaction, replace your carpet carefully and secure it. You should now have an effectively soundproofed floor.

Impactless Underlayment

Impactless is a recycled rubber product much like an Impact Barrier. It is not quite as effective at blocking out all noise, but the main attraction of this type of underlay is the price and ease of installation. Instead of coming packaged as individual square tiles, it comes in a large roll that can simply be unrolled across your floor space. It's is also lighter and less dense, which is what leads to the reduction in price. If you are attempting to soundproof a floor on a budget, this may be a great choice.