Top 3 Garage Gym Flooring Types

A garage gym is a great way to keep healthy and fit without the expense of joining a gym and forcing yourself to go to it on a daily basis. When you decide you to turn your garage into a gym, you need to consider the type of exercise you will be doing. There are a number of different types of garage gym flooring on the market, but the type you pick will depend on whether you just want to install exercise machines or you intend to do aerobics or dance exercises in the garage.

1. Luxurious Cork Flooring

The flooring that crosses all boundaries of exercise is a floating exercise floor made of cork. This flooring comes in tiles and is a thick ½-inch. It is the ultimate luxury made of the soft cork wood from the bark of the cork tree. It is an ongoing renewable resource, as the tree gets parts stripped of its bark every 10 years. Cork provides a soft warm underfoot gym floor that is ideal for dancing or gymnastic exercise.

2. Rubber Interlock Mat Flooring

Second only to cork flooring, rubber interlocking flooring is a fantastic choice for a gym where you are going to be using exercise machines. This material is not ideal for use as a dance or a free exercise area, as the design on the surface prohibits this.

3. Rolls of PVC flooring

PVC flooring has been with us for many years and has had many uses. You can buy rolls of PVC in a cushioned option, and this can be used successfully for a home garage gym.