Top 3 Laundry Room Floor Options

It’s important to have a good laundry room floor that can take water and all kinds of abuse. That might seem to limit the options, but in fact there are plenty of good flooring possibilities that will work in a laundry room.

1. Concrete

If your laundry room is in the basement, then you probably already have a concrete laundry room floor. It’s very serviceable and easy to clean up in the event of a leak from the washing machine. You don’t need to do anything to install the floor, either.


A linoleum floor offers several advantages as a laundry room floor. Since it’s in one piece, clean up is remarkably easy, and installing the linoleum floor is an easy procedure. If you have a leak from the washing machine you’ll be able to clean the mess up easily with a mop.


A well-grouted tile floor gives a solid base. As a laundry room floor it can work very well as long as there’s a good sealant on the top. The sealant is vital in case of a water leak or spillage; it will stop liquid soaking into the tile or grout. More than concrete or linoleum, tile forms an extremely attractive laundry room floor that will last well.