Top 3 Reasons Shower Faucets Leak Top 3 Reasons Shower Faucets Leak

Shower faucets can leak for a number of reasons. Leaks are not only annoying, but waste water can also end up doing a lot of damage. It's best to know what causes the leaks so that you can swiftly fix the problem. 

Loose Shower Head or Handle

Sometimes all it takes is a loose head or handle for shower faucets to start leaking. Your first step should always be to tighten all handles and heads. If you have the time, unscrew them completely then re-attach them. 


Washers are the donut-shaped rubber pieces that sit on the pipe stem (the piece inserted into the handle to help it turn). Their function is to seal the water pipe and if they get torn, damaged or worn, your shower faucets will leak. To get to the washer, remove the handle and the nut that holds on the pipe stem. Then unscrew the pipe stem from the wall and on the end you'll see the rubber washer. Replace this and re-assemble the faucet parts. 


If you have replaced your washer but still have a leak, then your problem lies in the pipes. If pipes develop cracks or holes, water from that damage will find its way out through your shower faucets.

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