Top 3 Styles for Baseboards

The 3 top baseboard trim materials used are wood, plastic and vinyl. Wood baseboards are mostly found in the gathering areas of the home, such as living or family rooms and dining rooms. Plastic and vinyl baseboards are more durable and are used in areas that are used for everyday household tasks, such as a laundry room and kitchen. This article will discuss each of these baseboard trim materials and how they are used in certain areas of the home. Baseboards are a common addition to the homes trim finish as it provides a way to cover the area where the wall and floor meet.

Baseboards Made from Wood

Baseboards made from wood are a standard style or trim. These types of baseboards can be found throughout every home in the United States. Wood baseboards provide a good decorative finish and are typically featured in rooms such as living, dining and dens. Wood baseboards are easy to work with, install and replace if they become worn over time. They can also be painted or stained easily to match the color theme of a room.

Most common colors used for wood baseboards are white and brown stain. There are also natural wood baseboards with a glaze finish that are being used more as well. The addition of a shoe rail to provide further protection for the walls and the wood baseboard trim.

Baseboards Made from Plastic

Plastic baseboards are an idea baseboard trim for areas of a home that are exposed to water. This includes bathrooms and laundry rooms. These places in the home are prone to moisture and the plastic baseboards will withstand moisture better than the wood. Plastic baseboards will not warp or become wet over time that would cause them to be replaced.

The trim style and color for plastic baseboards vary depending on the style of your home. These baseboards are usually pre-colored since the plastic surface is not as easy to paint as the wood baseboards are. Plastic baseboards can come in a textured pattern to look like wood to allow them to be used in other placed in the home.

Baseboards Made from Vinyl

Vinyl baseboard trims are used in a similar way that plastic baseboards are. The vinyl baseboards come in a variety of styles and patterns and are used primarily in areas that are prone to moisture. They can also be used in other areas of the home as a replacement for wood, which is not a sustainable building material. Vinyl baseboards are more durable than wood baseboards and once installed should last through the lifetime of the home. Vinyl baseboards are easy to care for, as are plastic baseboard.

Vinyl baseboards come in a variety of colors and styles and can be designed to match the look and feel of wood baseboards. This gives vinyl baseboards multiple usages and applications in the home.