Top 4 Basement Lighting Options

basement lighting

Basements are not just a place for storing tools. They are a functional living space of the house where we can spend lots of time; therefore, basement lighting is very important. It can set the tone of the room and create a friendly working environment. The type of lighting you will choose depends on the size of the basement and its role in the house.

Obviously you don’t have the same needs in a basement used only as a storage space as a basement where you work, create things, or even sit and relax for a while. Here are the top four basement lighting options available in the market today.

Linear Cove Lights

These lights are usually built-in or along the ledges. Their greatest advantage is that they can be completely hidden because they are made from thin materials that can fit to any type of in ceiling construction, follow any architectural plan, and still be concealed.

Concealment makes them useful and preferred in a wide range of construction projects, from restaurants and bars to hotels and conference halls. They have become very popular in residential and basements and other places where style and elegant ambience need to be combined and enhanced.

lights along a set of stairs

Closet Lighting

This indirect source of light which allows multiple architectural and decorative levels, consists of the reflection and distribution of normal light. It is popular because the light is diffused and dispersed from both the ceiling and walls in the form of downward cascading torrents.

The effect is significantly enhanced as the entire wall and ceiling area have the chance to glow with a low temperature light, making the entire space warm, cozy, and friendly to the eye and to the senses.

An additional advantage of this type of lightning is that it reduces the glare and uncontrolled reflection that overshadow particular spots and illuminate others. The light that we see is already the result of a built in reflection system. It comes down with a significantly decreased intensity. This is a great advantage in low ceiling rooms such as the basement.

LED Lights

Nowadays, the technology of basement lights is significantly advanced. The variety of structures and ideas is quite wide, allowing consumers to choose according to their specific needs for concealment or flexibility of the light system.

Bulb choice is also wide because the system allows the use of almost all kinds such as LED lamps. In most cases, LED lights are accompanied with dimmers, as people prefer to have control over brightness, creating either a more task friendly or shadier room, rather than having a fixed intensity.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are also used in spaces with low ceiling because the diffusion of light combined with the built-in lightning structure provides a great amount of light in spaces where natural light is poor. This type of lighting produces good overall illumination for basements and workshops. It is also very energy efficient.