Top 4 Questions to Ask Green Energy Suppliers Top 4 Questions to Ask Green Energy Suppliers

Green energy suppliers provide the necessary power to heat, cool and operate the electronic devices in your home. Choosing a reliable, cost efficient green energy supplier requires the homeowner to consider how the energy is generated. Consult the yellow pages of your phone book and make a list of the green energy suppliers in your area. Once you have a list, prepare a list of questions to ask each of the suppliers.

1 - How is Your Green Energy Generated?

How is the supplied energy generated? What form of fuel is used? Is the energy renewable? What are the emission levels? Is the energy production eco-friendly?

2 - Is Your Company Accredited?

Is your company an accredited green energy supplier? With which organization is your company accredited? What standards does your company meet? How long has your company been accredited?

3 - What are Your Rates Per Watt?

What is the charge per watt for the electricity provided by the supplier? Is the rate fixed or does it vary depending on demand? Is the quoted rate an average rate per watt or the actual rate per watt supplied?

4 - What are Your Contract Terms?

Are there specific requirement for contracts? Is there a specific period required for contract termination? Is there an early termination fee? Does the contract renew automatically? Are there any incentives for new customers?

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