Top 5 Fireplace Mantel Shelf Styles Top 5 Fireplace Mantel Shelf Styles

There are many types of fireplace mantel shelf designs available today. However, before you settle on a design, consider the décor of the room. The design you choose should blend well with the rest of the room.

Wood Mantel Shelf

Wood mantel is by far the most popular design amongst many households. This design is suitable for small comfortable rooms. This is especially so if the room is furnished with many wood products.

Rustic Mantel Shelf

This type best suits a country home or a mountain cabin. It is a natural addition to the surrounding furniture and structure. It is perfect for hanging items such as family pictures and a hat.

French Mantel Shelf

A French mantel is associated with style and elegance. It accentuates a feeling of beauty and culture in a room. Cherry wood or oak makes beautiful French mantel shelves.

Colonial Mantel Shelf

This type of shelf brings about a warm and friendly feeling in the home. It is a sign of class and elegance. It fits wonderfully in any colonial-style home. The colonial mantel shelf is durable and provides a perfect setting for a family gathering.

Modern Fireplace Mantel

This design can fit with almost any style. A change of color on your mantel shelf will bring in a completely new feeling in the home.


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