Top Chord Top Chord

The top chord is an important part of the truss. It’s actually the horizontal member of the truss. When making your own quality roof trusses you will want to make sure you properly connect the top chord as well.

• Before beginning you will want to gather all of the parts you need including the rafters, collar ties, vertical members, fascia board, and the top chord. You will want to construct your roof trusses on the ground.
• Start by making your roof truss in a triangular formation. You will have your bottom chord and your top chord 2 by 4’s make the triangle. There are two truss webs that go from the middle of the bottom chord to the center of the top chord 2 by 4’s.
• Next attach the 2 by 4’s using gussets. This will help tie the ends together.
• Finally attach the collar ties and the fascia board.

Advantages of Making Your Own Roof Truss and Top Chord

There are several advantages to making your own roof truss and top chord. The main advantage is that all of the parts are attached and made to be one unit by using gussets. Also the trusses tend to be stronger than normal framing.

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