Top Eight Sunroom Uses For The Family

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A sunroom is an area with either partial or full glass walls. This type of room is a flexible space that can serve as a great addition to your home.

Generally, a sunroom has 3 walls and then the wall that is opened up to your home. The traditional sunroom has full-sized glass windows that span the entire height and width of the room. The concept is to let the sun in to create a warm and welcoming area.

The 8 Best Ways to Use Your Sunroom

1. Patio Cover: Since a sunroom is an extension of your home, you may simply convert your existing patio or lanai. A patio or lanai already has a poured concrete pad and a structurally sound wall placement. This acts as an easy guide for the sunroom.

2. Conservatory: A sunroom is often called a conservatory, and it can even become a greenhouse conservatory. Make sunroom into an extra room and greenhouse by stocking it with plants the will thrive in the ample sunlight.

3. Game Room: If your home has children, a sunroom will provide a perfect place to play at any time of year. Children can color, dress up and even play video games while still getting plenty of sunlight.

4. Home Office: You may choose to turn your sunroom into a home office for a number of reasons. First, your existing work-at-home space may be enclosed and dim. With a sunroom, you will be in a bright and airy environment. Next, sunlight makes you more alert to your surroundings and your work projects. It can also provide a great vantage point from which to keep an eye on your kids playing in the yard.

5. Craft or Hobby Rooms: Sunrooms make a great craft and hobby rooms because they offer plenty of natural light. For those who sew, paint, draw or write, light is an important factor. Natural light is the best type because it does not distort things the way fluorescent light does.

6. Bar or Entertainment Room: You may choose to entertain family, friends or even business associates. Whether you are entertaining in the day or the night, a sunroom will offer a great spot to host events. Designate the room as a distinct sitting area, bar or screening space.

7. Private Spa Area: You can turn your sunroom into a special day and night spa area. With the addition of a comfortable sitting area, spa, greenery and more, you can have the ultimate relaxation experience in the comfort of your own home.

8. Family Room: A favorite way to use a sunroom is for a family room. In your family room, you can have comfortable couches, a home theater, tables, fans, a play area and more. Having a place for the whole family to sit down and relax is a nice treat at the end of any hectic day.