Top Mount vs. Bottom Mount Refrigerator Configurations

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If you are planning to have a freezer-refrigerator split level combination, there are two varieties available: the top mount or the bottom mount refrigerator. These two are basically the same design, but the top mount features the freezer above the fridge, and the bottom mount has the freezer below the fridge. Choosing between these two varieties can be tricky, but there are a few differences which can help you to decide.

Top Mount Refrigerators

This sort features split-level doors, which allow you to reach into the freezer and refrigerator compartments separately. It is a common model that allows the freezer to maintain a consistent temperature. The downside to buying this model is that the freezer compartment size can vary between makes, so one may have a very small compartment, while another has a 50/50 split.

Bottom Mount Refrigerators

These have the freezer at the bottom, and generally provide a larger refrigeration portion. The freezer compartment can also have pull-out drawers, so you can see what you are looking for easily. The bottom mount generally demands less bending and lifting, with the things used most often, such as milk and butter, on the upper level. On the downside, they are more expensive than the top mount.