Top Places to Buy Cheap Silk Flowers

Here are a few suggestions on where to find silk flowers cheap.There are always endless places to buy silk flowers, but there are few places where you can purchase them that at a good price.

 Shopping Spots Having  Cheap Silk Flowers Daily

There are some places that have cheap silk flowers on an everyday basis. These places include Five and Dime stores and sometimes dollar stores will have a lot of silk flowers in stock. It is worth the foot work to keep track of which of these places stock silk flowers so you will always have a place to buy silk flowers for a reasonable price.

 Hobby Stores and Craft Malls

Hobby stores and craft malls often keep such a large stock of silk flowers on hand that you will  find them on clearance quite frequently. These sales happen so often because hobby stores and craft malls have a constant flow of new stock coming in and they have to mark down inventory already in place to make room for new inventory. Usually you will find silk flowers marked for immediate sale, which means they need it out of the way for the new stuff.

Floral Shops

On the occasion, usually around seasonal changes, a floral shop will mark items down for quick sale. Floral shops are often limited on space for their inventory so when something doesn't sell quickly they will sell quality items at low prices. Silk flowers are always available at florist shops.

Close Out Outlets

Close out stores are a chosen place to buy popular items for cheap. These outlet stores buy the stock of a business that is liquidating for pennies on the dollar. The upside about close out stores is that they sell quality items at low prices. You will often find silk flowers at these stores for so cheap that you can't pass them up.

You may also buy silk flowers directly from the distributor of the flowers you see in the store, by shopping online. This method is a direct sale to the consumer from a business that is liquidating. This way you  cut out the middle man. If you are shopping for silk flowers at the right time, you can find them at a fraction of the cost when making purchases directly from a close out liquidation sale.


Always keep your eye out for other places locally that may be having a sale and stock silk flowers. Your local newspaper classifieds are a place to look for silk flowers cheap. You will often find yard sales have silk flowers available and most of the time they offer them for a reasonable price. Look for advertising for sales at local small businesses because they might have just what you are looking for and will usually cost you just the loose change in your pocket.

Cheap silk flowers can be tedious to find because there is such a demand for these high end beauties. If you keep a watch on these types of places listed above you can save yourself a bundle of cash.