Top Safety-Minded Sliding Door Locks Top Safety-Minded Sliding Door Locks

Having a second sliding door lock is very important as the locks already on that type of door are flimsy and very brittle. Most sliding door locks are plastic or aluminum. With a little bit of force these locks are easily broken. You need a sliding door lock that will not only secure the sliding door but also stand up to multiple attempts to gain entry. There are dozens upon dozens of sliding door locks on the market but not all of them are worth the money you pay for them. You need durability, ease of installation and peace of mind. The article below will share with you some of the top kinds of sliding door locks on the market today.

Lock Bar

These are made out of tempered steel and are easy to install. The lock bar installs to the inside of the door so burglars trying to pry the door open from the outside won't be able to get the locking mechanism. The lock bar installs over the current lock on the sliding door and latches to an independent latch. If you unlock the door from outside it will disengage the lock so it does not prevent normal use but once you lock the door it will catch and will not be pried open. You can install the lock bar to a sliding glass door as well as a wooden or metal sliding door.

Stake Lock

This interesting sliding door lock looks a lot like a golf tee but is made out of stainless steel. There is a small locking mechanism that is attached to the bottom of the sliding door. A hole needs to be drilled through the floor. The pin or stake is slid through the mechanism and in to the hole. The mechanism is then locked to the stake and cannot be pulled up. In some versions of this sliding door lock the turning of the key will lower the pin or raise it. The strength of the pin holds up to the force of the door being pulled open. In reality the door would have to be torn to shreds in order to be opened.

Double Bolt Lock

This type of sliding door lock resembles the lock bar in many ways. The metal used to fabricate this type of lock is typically stainless steel or pressure iron. The double bolt lock, like the lock bar, is slid over the door lock that came already installed on the sliding door. It cradles the current lock and prevents it from moving. The double bolt is inserted in the frame of the door and uses the studs to brace it making it an impenetrable door.

Step Lock

This resembles the stake lock in that it features a metal post that goes through the floor. The difference is that the lock is installed on the back of the door. The post is inserted through the center of the rail to offer more security. Operating the lock is as simple as closing the door and stepping on the bar.

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