Topiary Trees: 5 Types of Trees Topiary Trees: 5 Types of Trees

Although some cypresses are shrubs the majority of them are topiary trees. The cypress is a conifer and native to the northern temperate zone.


The bay tree can grow to about 18 meters tall and is used mainly as a herb tree although the bright green leaves are used as counterpoints in low Gardens.


Privet is an evergreen that is really very versatile. It is often used to create hedges and mazes. The leaf density provides excellent privacy.


There are many species of Holly with berries ranging from white to bright red. The rich green leaves are used in flower arrangements. The wood of young holly trees is very pliable.


The fig is a medium height tree that has large leaves. The wood of the fig remains fairly flexible for most of its life and it is often used for hedges and barriers.


Although the berries of the yew are poisonous it is a very popular garden tree because it tolerates shade very well.


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