Total Run Total Run

When creating a staircase, the total run and total rise are huge factors. If you don’t coordinate the total run and the total rise your staircase will end up being too gradual or too steep. It’s more mathematically challenging to calculate the proper staircase than it is to build it.

• Before you get started building the staircase you need to find out how big the staircase is going to be. To do this, measure vertically from the level that the staircase will end on, to the level it will begin on. This number will be your total rise.
• Next you will want to measure from where the staircase will begin to where it will end horizontally. This number will give you the total run.
• Now to get the proper run of each stair you will take the total run and divide it by the run that you want for each stair. This will give you the length that each stair needs to be.
• Repeat this process with the rise to get the height for each stair.

A Tip When Calculating Each Stair From the Total Run and Rise

It’s important to know that each county has its own building codes for the minimum and maximum rise and run of each stair. Find this out before using the total run and rise to calculate each stair so that your stairs are up to building code.

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