Tranquil Massage Room Tranquil Massage Room

Here at the Sheffield Headquarters in New York City, every now and then we like to take a look at a room that breaks the mold for our Room of the Month. Usually, we turn our attention to a living room, kitchen, or bath - traditionally the most popular rooms to make over. And yet every astute reader of Designer Monthly knows that there are many other important rooms in a home or business, rooms which ordinarily aren't addressed in many design magazines.

So for that reason, we've chosen for this Room of the Month a professional massage room, a room that may not be the first one you'd think of re-decorating, but it's one in which the d'or is crucial to the work at hand.

This is true in many kinds of commercial interior design, as every business wants to project a particular mood, and each business has its own unique function. And therefore, you can bring the Sheffield Guidelines to Interior Design to bear on any commercial design job: function, mood, and harmony.

The function of this room is to provide a comfortable, relaxing environment in which the client can fully let go and enjoy the luxury of massage. The massage table, of course, is a necessity, and is covered with a white terry cloth cover which in turn will be covered with a clean white sheet for each new client.

There is a comfortable chair in which the client can sit while putting on her shoes after the treatment, and it also provides a place for the client to leave clothes, bags, or other items during the massage.

In terms of mood, the mood of this room is clearly one of tranquility and peace. The lighting goes a long way toward fostering this mood, as do the fresh flowers and the plant placed on the floor. But the colors also contribute to the mood. The white of the massage table is reflected in the white of the chair cushion, and the throw pillow and the rug are both done in the same maroon. On the wall, you can see a chart of the human body, which adds a note of medical expertise, something a client will be glad to see.

The harmony of the color scheme works to underscore the harmony of the entire room. Everything feels natural in this room, from the wood table and chest to the wicker of the chair and the plants. All the natural fabrics and materials pull together with the lighting to create a feeling of peace and harmony.

This room shows that any business can create its own mood which reflects the work being done there. Here, the room is so welcoming that we want to just step right in and relax.

Tip: Lighting is very important in a massage room; you need enough light for the practitioner to see what she's doing, but you want to keep the light soft enough so it doesn't interrupt the client's peace. Here, the candles on the side table provide some of the light, and you can see, on the right hand edge of the photo, the soft glow of a lamp which has a dimmer switch, so the light can be adjusted to just the right level.

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