Transform Your Brick Fireplace: Remodeling with Paint

The prospect of completing a brick fireplace remodel by removing the existing bricks is not exactly appealing. However, there are alternatives to replacing the brick and one is to use specially formulated paint just for brick. You can paint your fireplace in two easy steps as shown below:

Step 1-Clean the Existing Brick

First, you will need to clean the existing brick with a wire brush.  This will remove any loose mortar and dirt from the brick. Cleaning the brick ensures that the paint will bond with the surface of the brick.

Step 2-Applying the Paint

After you’ve finished the cleaning and the brick has dried, you can begin to apply the paint.  It’s best to apply this paint with a large brush (4” or larger) making sure to work the paint in to all the mortar joints.  At least two coats of paint should be applied but more may be required depending on the condition of the brick. You can find the paint very easily at your local hardware store.