Transforming Your Old Shed into a Clubhouse

What You'll Need
Paint for shed exterior and interior
Wire wheel
Wooden paneling
Hinge oil
Table, chairs, sofa
Miscellaneous decorations

Turning your unused shed into a clubhouse is a great way to create a fun place for yourself or your children to relax. Not only will you utilize space properly, you will create a private zone away from the main house that will cater towards entertaining friends, playing games or simply lounging around. It should take you somewhere between 2 to 3 days to create a clubhouse, depending on the size of your shed and the scale of work.

Follow these steps to successfully transform your old shed into a clubhouse.

Step 1: Select a Theme

Before you begin, you need to decide a theme for your clubhouse so you can arrange and set the decor. Will it be a place for ladies to have tea parties or men to play card games? It can even be for girls or boys to have fun and entertain their friends.

Try to keep it single themed so you can decorate your clubhouse.

Step 2: Update Shed Exterior

An unused and unkempt outdoor shed can be quite an eyesore, with peeling paint and rusting parts. Upgrade the exterior of your shed. Make sure you use weather shield paint outside. Update the floor if necessary and remove any paneling that is cracked. Inspect the shed walls for damages or leaks and repair. Remove rust with a wire wheel for a metal shed. Replace any damaged or cracked wooden boards if your shed is wooden, and polish if necessary. 

Step 3: Clean Shed Interior

Begin by removing everything in your shed and access what needs to be done.

  • Clean the inside thoroughly with a pressure washer or high-pressure hose you can rent. Replace any broken boards or cracked windows.
  • Paint the walls according to your theme and allow it to dry completely before resuming work. You can paint it white or off white as well, but colored walls look more festive and appealing. 
  • Use hinge oil on the latches and hinges of the doors to make them open and close easily.

Step 4: Decorate the Shed

You can begin decorating your shed once it is repaired and cleaned. Keep your theme in mind so you can begin decorating. The ideas are limitless, so stick to the size of your clubhouse and don't add too much furniture. A table, a few chairs and a sofa are more than enough. 

If your clubhouse is for girls, add some decorative trim to the walls and scented candles and potpourri. Add pretty curtains or light netting to the windows, and decorate the walls with floral plates, different sized mirrors or colorful pictures. Add fairy lights or any subtle lighting indoors. If it's meant to entertain boys or men make it sleek and simple.

Decorate the walls with street signs and posters of aircrafts, automobiles and sports equipment. Also include a battery-operated record player or a simple radio in your clubhouse.

Give your clubhouse a name and place a sign outside the door.