Transit Level: Information and Uses

person using a survey level in a field

A transit level is a tool designed to gain precise surveying measurements. They stand on a tripod that allows you to point the transit directly at the structure you are trying to survey. With the help of a friend, you can mark where the tripod ends up pointing at. The easiest way to explain it, it’s like a telescope that can move all around.

1. When to Use One
Anytime you are planning on building a new structure, a transit level can be invaluable. The transit level will help you determine the height, the distance, and the grade of any object. This type of level will assist you in determining any additional grading that needs to be done, as well as other important measurements you may need. These levels are calibrated to show true horizons, as well as degrees, minutes, and seconds.
They can also be used to determine how level a large area of flooring or ceiling is before the project is finalized.

2. Basic Setup
When you look for a transit level you need to make sure it includes the level itself, the tripod and base, a calibrated rod, and a tape measure that winds up. Depending on your needs you will find different models and features available. If you plan on doing a lot of landscaping or excavating you may want to find one with adjustable tripod legs. This will make it easier to set up on any ground.