Transom Window Transom Window

A transom window is a common feature in modern homes. The window rests over the door frame and often works as a decorative touch to the room. Some of these windows are plain while some have elegant works of stained glass on them. If you want to have a fun weekend project, you can decorate your plain transom window to mimic the look of a stained glass one.

• Step 1: Sketch out a design on a piece of scrap paper. Plan out what colors you would like and what shapes you want to use.
• Step 2: Use leading to outline all of the shapes onto the glass. You may want to practice using the leading before you work on the transom, although you can wipe it off if you mess up.
• Step 3: Use transparent colored paint to fill in the shapes of leading. There are special paints you must buy to do this because regular paint will not dry clear.

Tips for Painting a Transom Window

This project is much easier when you can take the transom window out and let it dry flat. If this is not possible you have to use small amounts of paint so that it doesn't drip down.

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