Transplant a Common Purple Lilac Bush

Purple lilac bushes are an excellent flowering shrub that add a beautiful aroma to your garden. The following provides some tips for transplanting lilac bushes.

  • The best time to transplant lilac bushes is in the autumn season.
  • When transplanting these bushes, remember to dig fairly deep around the lilac plant. This is because the plant’s underground root structure can become quite large and improper digging can damage it.
  • When you have taken the plant out of its current place, take away the soil from around the roots by lightly watering them.
  • After the soil has been removed from the roots, you can plant your lilac bush in the desired area. Remember to dig the hole where you will transplant the bush first and then take the plant out of the soil.
  • Ensure that the replacement hole is large enough to accommodate the entire root structure without cramping it.
  • Spreading out the roots and adding a little soil at a time to provide support for the plant is important.

    You should also ensure that the new location meets the requirements of this flowering hedge. It should have well drained soil and receive an adequate amount of sunlight.