Transplant a Dawn Redwood

The dawn redwood is a coniferous tree that sheds its needles in the fall. This tree, which can grow to heights of 100 feet or more, has a tapered trunk with shredded bark. The branches droop dramatically as it grows to present a unique look to the tree. As a fast growing tree, growing up to 5 feet a year, you should transplant it when young.

Transplant in Fall

When you are thinking about transplanting your dawn redwood, start thinking about it in the fall. This is the time when you need to move it. This way, the tree can concentrate on establishing roots instead of producing growth.

Water Well when Transplanting

Before the winter weather hits and the tree goes completely dormant, water the soil around the tree to keep it wet. Do not leave standing water there, but keep the soil wet.

Work in Organic Compost

After transplanting your Dawn Redwood tree, it will need to have some rich nutrients in order to keep it healthy and establish the root system. Work in organic compost into the soil to provide the tree with the rich soil it needs.

Cut Back in Spring

After the winter season, give your new transplant a good start for the growing season by cutting some of the branches back. This fresh start will re-energize the growing process.