Transplant a Young Box Elder Tree

Box elders are very resilient and easy to transplant. They do not require much in the way of special care or attention and can quickly grow into a nice shade tree.

Root Ball

Excavate the young tree with as much of the root system intact as possible. Use hessian or similar sacking sheets to collect and hold the root ball together.


When you choose the new location, keep in mind that box elders are fast growing trees. Young box elder trees are particularly vulnerable to excessive shade so make sure that it will be in full light for as much of the day as possible.


When you dig the new hole for your young tree, make sure it is at least as big as the one you dug to remove it. Plant the tree so that the trunk is as far into the ground as it was originally. Then refill the hole as firmly as possible. You can leave the sacking around the root ball. This will offer some protection, hold moisture. Gradually, the sack will decay and actually feed the tree.

In the early months, it is critical to protect the tree against invasive plants. Place a strip of material around the base of the tree to prevent vermin from chewing away the bark. Water the young tree regularly until it is well established.