Transplanting a Majesty Palm

A majesty palm seeds in the spring and you can propagate the seeds right from the plant. Growing palm trees is not difficult but may take some time. Once you have the seeds from the majesty palm you will need to follow a couple of steps to get them to grow.

Seal Them In

Use a mixture of perlite and peat moss in the bottom of a pot. Place the seeds in the middle of the pot and cover with clear plastic. Use a rubber band or stretchy cord to attach the plastic to the pot. Place it in a warm area with plenty of sunlight, or underneath a lamp.

When To Transplant

After the Palm has started to grow in the smaller pot and has established a root system, you can transplant it to a larger pot. After it fills this pot and is thriving, you can plant it outdoors or transplant it into a large pot. Keep the root near the surface and use a well draining soil.

Palm tree growth has a tendency to be slower than some other plants. The majesty palm also is very picky about its environment. If you have the right environment then propagating a majesty palm will be as easy as these two steps.