Traveling on Airplanes With Electric Drills

electric drill in storage case

As airport regulations regarding security get tighter, many things that we may think of as innocuous aren't considered safe to bring on an airplane. If you must travel with your electric drill, here is what you should know.


Batteries, even those for power tools, need to be packed with your checked luggage and stored under the cabin. Some batteries are allowed, such as those for laptops, mp3 players, and cell phones, provided they are attached to the device. However, with a power drill, you will be required to pack those away. If your drill doesn't have a special battery pack, but rather takes standard batteries, you won't be able to bring any extras with you. Batteries are seen as a potential hazard since they can be a dangerous explosive device when not handled with caution.


How you travel with the extra bits for your drill will vary slightly depending on the type of flight. Domestic flights will allow you to carry some bits with you provided they are wrapped safely and pose no threat. You may be required to place certain types of bits with the rest of your stowed away luggage. To avoid this, just wrap all of the bits together and stick them in a suitcase that is going to get checked.

International flights are a little different. You won't be able to carry any bits on the flight with you at all.

Other Adapters

If you have adapters for your drill, these will also need to be stored in the stow away luggage. Many of the adapters available for an electric drill can be seen as a potential weapon and possibly dangerous. Because of this, you won't be able to carry them on the plane with you.

How to Deal With Customs

If you are traveling internationally, you will need to deal with customs. If you're traveling with any kinds of tools, you can expect your bags to be checked. Anything deemed dangerous can be confiscated. To avoid this, you can check the tools instead of carrying them on.

Alternative Solutions

If you absolutely must travel with your tools, consider having them shipped to you instead of taking them on the plane. Since electric drills can be pricey, it's best to avoid any complications and risk them being confiscated by airport security. If you aren't comfortable having them shipped and are set on taking them on the plane with you, just check them with your luggage. You can purchase travel insurance that will cover the cost of any damage or loss that may occur if you're worried about damage. If you purchased the drill while on vacation, your credit card company will cover any damage. It's just not worth the risk and the hassle of trying to carry these items in to the cabin with you.