Travertine Flooring Installation Techniques Travertine Flooring Installation Techniques

Travertine flooring has an elegant and appealing style, and as a result it is a popular option among homeowners. However, considering the expense involved in purchasing it, you may want to save some money by installing it yourself. Here are basic installation techniques that will help you install travertine flooring successfully.

Laying out the Tiles

First, lay out the tiles on the floor so as to make a plan on how you will lay them. This is especially important if you are going to use a combination of tiles of different sizes. You will also need to determine the tiles which you need to cut so as to fit them in according to the area of the room.

Cutting the Tiles

Cut the tiles with a wet saw. Put on safety glasses and make sure to exercise maximum caution.

Spreading the Thinset Mortar

Mix the thinset mortar to the required consistency, and then start applying it onto the floor with a trowel. Spread a layer that is thick enough for the tiles to be set properly into it.

Setting the Tiles

Start placing the tiles over the layer of mortar. You may wish to use spacers so as to place them more neatly. After the mortar has been set, remove the spacers, and apply protective sealant. Allow each coat to set before applying a subsequent one. Finally, grout the tiles and apply a final sealing.




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