Travertine Tile vs Limestone Tile

Both travertine and limestone tile are frequently used as building materials today. Both materials are natural stone and both are very similar. While they are extremely similar, they are not exactly the same thing and have a few differences. Here are the a few things to consider about travertine and limestone tile.


The main difference in these two types of materials is the way that they are created in the earth. Travertine is a type of limestone although it requires an extra process to be formed. Both of these materials take many years to be created. They are created when plants and animals and other things decompose and settle down into the ground. It takes extreme pressure from the ground to press them into stone. This process creates limestone. At that point, sometimes hot water from under the ground comes along with carbon dioxide in it and creates holes and indentations in the rock. This is what causes travertine to be formed.


Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the two materials. Limestone, by nature, is usually a little smoother natural stone. Travertine comes with holes and imperfections in a different grain. This makes travertine a very sought after look in today's market.