Treat Your Pets to the Green Experience Treat Your Pets to the Green Experience

Treat Your Pets to the Green Experience

For many people, dogs and cats are their best friends. We share our lives with them. It is our obligation to care for them. We must attend to their bathroom needs, and insure they have proper nutrition. One hardly expects to see a dog go to the refrigerator and make himself a ham sandwich! Kidding aside, it is also important that they be fed a proper, nutritious diet.

Dogs and cats are carnivores. They don't need or want corn, corn byproducts and wheat gluten. They want dead stuff -- anyone that has ever had Bowser roll around in something dead like it was seventh heaven knows this. Of course, we cannot feed our pets from road kill.

The biggest killer of pets is the by-products in their food. The recent recall of hundreds of pet foods made in China has made many pet owners see the need to feed their pets organic foods.

What's In Regular Pet Food?

Almost all the pet food you will find in the supermarket is reconstituted animal by-products. Better known as low-grade waste from the chicken and beef industries, it is food that no one in their right mind would eat. Yet, we think it is okay for the dogs and cats in our lives. The foods are classified in the industry as 4-D, which means dead, dying, diseased or down. Ask yourself: is this food good enough even to feed a dog? Unless that can of Kitty Delite you are feeding Fluffy explicitly states that it contains FDA approved, food-grade meat, then you are feeding your pet food that is not fit for human consumption. It may be no good for your pets, either. Nutrition states that the key determinates of health and resistance to disease is through the use of proper foods. Don't feed your pet anything that you wouldn't eat.

Considering Organic Pet Food

After the pet food recalls, people have become more aware of what they are feeding their pets. Two websites that are heavily involved with organic pet food are:
*The Big Bad Woof *Nature's Nibbles

They sell organic and home made dog food, treats, and toys.Products on theese sites are made from range grown meats, organic vegetables, and contain no corn, corn byproducts, or wheat gluten. They even feature a frozen food for dogs made of raw meat, which a dog will love. Both had the usual organic pet toys, made from recycled materials.

Feeding Cats Organically

Cats are a different ballgame. They are more finicky than dogs, and their health needs can be greater. Cats are susceptible to urinary tract infections, and can even suffer from the use of clumping kitty litter, which gets into the digestive system when a cat cleans himself.

The best way to make cat food organically is to buy meat, specifically organ meat -- which is rich in vitamins and nutrients, insuring that all meat purchased is fresh and organic. Add in psyllium, kelp and dulse, salmon oil and glandular supplements, and vitamin D and E complexes.

Grind the meat and bones for your organic cat food with an electric grinder. Add the supplements and mix thoroughly.

You can now freeze your organic cat food in serving size containers. Glass works the best. Be sure not to overfill. Then it is a simple matter to remove a jar from the freezer, allow to thaw, and feed kitty. Although it sounds like a lot of work, it is simply a matter of gathering ingredients and grinding them up. Your cat will thank you.

Caring for our pets in a healthy and humane way makes good sense, but it makes more sense to do so in an environmentally sound manner. Try some of these suggestions today. Your pets will be healthy and well satisfied, and will be easier to care for.

Alden Smith is an award winning author and regular contributor to He writes on a variety of subjects, and excels in research.

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