Treating Asthma With an Air Purifier or Humidifier

An air purifier humidifier, or humidifier, can be used to treat asthma. This does not mean that air purifiers or humidifiers cure asthma, but they can make the air better for asthma sufferers.

Ionic Purifiers and Humidifiers

Air purifiers or humidifiers that produce ozone, such as ionic humidifiers, are generally not recommended for use by people with asthma. Such humidifiers do not necessarily remove allergens from the air and can make an asthma condition worse. These machines produce an ozone mist that can restrict breathing and make an asthma sufferer feel worse.

Using Filter Air Purifiers or Humidifiers

Filter air purifiers or humidifiers that use a HEPA filter are recommended for use by asthma sufferers. These units do a good job removing harmful toxins and allergens from the air and do not produce ozone.

If a person who has asthma is considering using an air purifier or humidifier, they should check with their doctor. An asthma sufferer’s doctor can best advise the individual on the types or brands of air purifiers or humidifiers that work best.

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