Treating Silkworm-Infested Corn

Corn tastes even better when the fresh, sweet kernals came right out of your own vegetable garden. However, the harvest can be a little short if your plants become infested with silkworms.

Treating Corn With Silkworm

Treat the corn immediately after the silk begins to form, before moths begin laying their eggs.

Use Mineral Oil

Use an eye dropper to squirt mineral oil directly into the corn stalk. Let the oil run down the length of the corn and saturate the silk inside. This will drown the eggs that have been laid there.

Biological Means

To combat the silk worm infestation, you can also use biological methods. Pirate bugs and ladybug beetles provide a great defense.

Thin And Till

Once you see signs of a worm infestation, begin thinning out the affected corn stalks. It will help to control the spread of the worms from the corn and other parts of the garden.

Till the stalks into the ground at the first sign of frost.