Tree Cutting with a Chainsaw 101

Tree cutting by yourself can be a task if you’ve never done it before. Before looking at how to go about tree cutting by yourself with a chainsaw, let’s look at the safety equipment you will need.

• Head Protection
• Eye and Face Protection
• Hearing Protection
• Chainsaw Protective Chaps or Pants
• Chainsaw Protective Footwear

OSHA requires that anyone who operates a chainsaw wears these items. Many people may think they don’t have to use them since they are on their own property; however it’s definitely a good idea.

Tree Cutting Process
• Determine which way the tree is going to fall and then clear the path.
• Create the notch or face cut. This is created by making a top and bottom cut. The top cut should be made first followed by the bottom cut. You want the two cuts to make a V shaped notch. When cutting you want to stop between 1/3 and ¼ of the trunks diameter.
• Finally make the back cut on the opposite side of the notch. You want to stop cutting, leaving 1/10 of the tree’s diameter left so you can control the fall. The tree cutting is now complete.