Tree Cutting with a Chainsaw 101

hands cutting a felled tree with a chainsaw
What You'll Need
Head protection
Eye and face protection
Hearing protection
Chainsaw protective chaps or pants
Chainsaw protective footwear

Tree cutting by yourself can be a dangerous task if you’ve never done it before. Before looking at how to go about tree cutting by yourself with a chainsaw, stock yourself up on the right gear for the job.

Tree Cutting Equipment

Head Protection

Eye and Face Protection

Hearing Protection

Chainsaw Protective Chaps or Pants

Chainsaw Protective Footwear

OSHA requires that anyone who operates a chainsaw in a professional capacity wears these items. Many people may think they don’t have to use them since they're on their own property; however it’s definitely a good idea.

Tree Cutting Process

Determine which way the tree is going to fall and then clear the path. Create the notch or face cut. This is created by making a top and bottom cut. The top cut should be made first followed by the bottom cut. You want the two cuts to make a V shaped notch. When cutting you want to stop between 1/3 and ¼ of the trunks diameter.

Finally make the back cut on the opposite side of the notch. You want to stop cutting, leaving 1/10 of the tree’s diameter left so you can control the fall. The tree cutting is now complete.

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