Tree House Remodel: Construction for the Kids

build a tree house with your kids

Is it time to remodel or construct a treehouse for your children? Why not make it an exciting project for them as well? Most of the work will have to be done by an adult; however, there are many things your children can do to help. By allowing your child to help with the remodeling or construction of their treehouse, you will give them a sense of accomplishment. The memories you make will be priceless.

Remodeling an Existing Tree House

If you are remodeling an existing tree house, ask your child what he or she would like to do with the old treehouse. He or she may simply want it painted a new shade, or maybe they want a wall that has windows. Allowing your child to give you some input on the decision will make them feel like they are truly a part of the decision-making process.

If they want to paint the old treehouse, take your child to the store and allow him or her to pick the color to be used. Once you have chosen your paint, you will need to scrape the old paint off and sand it down as needed. You can choose to use a primer if you would like, however it is not necessary.

Teach your child how to paint using the correct methods, but let them have fun with it too. You could let them add a little individuality to the treehouse by letting them doodle on the walls as well. Once your child is satisfied with his or her paint job, you may consider a topcoat to protect the precious paint.

Constructing a New Tree House

Constructing a playhouse from scratch will take more time and cost a lot more than simply remodeling an existing tree house. Let your child look at some pictures of tree houses online and decide, within reason, which design to go with. Once you have decided on a design, it is time to find a spot in the yard to place your treehouse. You will need a thick tree that has very sturdy branches. You will then need to go to the home supply store and stock up on wood, nails, screws, paint, sandpaper, and other basic supplies.

You will have to construct the treehouse on your own for obvious reasons. You do not want your child to get hurt. Once you have successfully constructed your child’s treehouse, again you can let them help sand the wood and paint the treehouse.

Lessons and Memories

You have successfully remodeled or constructed your child’s treehouse. You let your children help and taught them many valuable lessons. You taught them that hard work will always pay off. You have also given them a sense of self-fulfillment. Your child will look back on this experience for the rest of their lives and you will treasure the memories for many years to come.