Kitchen Remodeling Trends Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Trends come and tends go with what’s hot at the moment, but some trends stand the test of time whether it’s fashion or home décor. If remodeling your kitchen is on the horizon and you’re wondering what’s “in” before you get started. Take a look at a few current trends that will more than likely be here tomorrow as well.

Make It Yours

Define your style and then put what you love into your kitchen. Kitchens have made their way from being work stations with a solo cook flying around the kitchen to an area of the house that might encompass cooking, baking, studying, entertaining, and family time all in one neat package. The key is to decorate the kitchen to blend seamlessly with the rooms it opens to. Make your kitchen unique by boldly personalizing the area and defining both your style and how you use it.


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The trends in cabinetry are less about the exterior and more about the interior. When it comes to planning a new kitchen the most important part of the design begins with deciphering just how you’ll use your kitchen. More families make preparing meals a family event or at least have mom and dad whipping up dinner together. This means more work space is needed. Making kitchens functional with roll-out trays, bread drawers, pull out pantry shelving, recycling areas, places for lids, and more creates a kitchen that utilizes space.

Workable Flow

In the 1950s the triad came to be seen as “the” kitchen design pattern for easy cooking. The sink to the stove to the refrigerator should be a perfect triangle. With the wave of new appliances, including the microwave, the triad no long holds true. The trend is to design your kitchen so that it works for you. You may need to plan two triangle areas for two different people, both cooking at the same time. Perhaps one loves to bake. A triangle of refrigerator, baking area, and oven would make the most sense. The partner of the baker may prefer to do the general cooking and outlining space to cook, prepare, and clean up may be another defined work area in the kitchen. The trends prove that the kitchen should be, above all else, functional.

The Great Room

Family dynamics have changed over the years with most families sending both mom and dad off to work. Instead of mom heading for the kitchen by herself to cook dinner; these days are seeing the return of a historic idea, the great room. The kitchen flows directly into a room where family gathers to watch TV, do homework, children play, and mom and dad cook while still able to supervise and interact with their brood. A kitchen that is open for viewing should have every opportunity to be convenient and stylish.

Putting these trends to work for you requires that you define how you use your kitchen. Using the trends to benefit your lifestyle and your family only increases the value of your kitchen to your family.

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