Trex Decking Basics

Trex decking is made from a composite of reclaimed wood fibers and plastic. This alternative to standard lumber is both durable and environmentally friendly. 


Trex decking is guaranteed not to splinter, which makes ideal for families with children or outdoor pets. Unlike many wood decks, Trex holds up well to harsh weather. Since plastic is included as part of the composition, rain, wind and dramatic temperature changes won’t affect the deck as much as standard wood. This also means you won’t have to worry about the expense and time involved with refinishing the deck every few years. Trex doesn't need to be sanded and painted like a traditional deck.


Trex is generally available in many different looks. You can find smooth grain and tropical looks as well as a variety of colors to suit your home. One of the great things about Trex is that it looks so much like standard lumber, most people won't know the difference.

Going Green

Since Trex is made of recycled plastics and reclaimed wood, including sawdust, choosing this material will help the environment. New trees aren’t cut down to make the decking materials. Other materials that can’t be broken down naturally—like grocery bags—are recycled into the Trex materials.