Simple Steps to Keep Your Trimmer in Top Shape Simple Steps to Keep Your Trimmer in Top Shape

Aside from a lawn mower, the most widely used machine for lawn care is the trimmer. Millions of people use handheld trimmers to reach the places their mowers can't, giving their lawns a neat, finished appearance.

The homeowner's frequent use of a trimmer can result in considerable wear and tear on the equipment. However, according to Mark Michaels, handheld products business unit manager at Husqvarna, a few simple maintenance steps can help keep trimmers running efficiently throughout the growing season.

"In addition to operating smoothly, a well-maintained trimmer is a safer piece of equipment," Michaels said. "Homeowners should carefully review their owner's manuals for important data on safe operation."

Regular maintenance is also the key to longer product life. Here are tips for keeping your trimmer in top shape:

  • To make starting easier and to obtain optimum performance from your trimmer, ensure that the air filter is clean and that the gas tank is filled with fresh fuel.
  • At the beginning of the yard-grooming season, remove the old trimmer line from your trimmer and replace it with new line. During storage the trimmer line ages becoming brittle and dry, resulting in line breakage or the line sticking to itself and getting caught in the trimmer head unable to feed the line.
  • Trimmer line that has lost moisture should be submerged in water overnight. This may help revitalize the line and improve its life and performance.
  • Seek professional advice and service from a qualified servicing dealer to properly replace worn or damaged parts, obtain a tune up, or perform an equipment inspection.

These few simple steps can keep your trimmer running smoothly and provide you with a helpful tool for maintaining a great looking lawn.

Courtesy of NAPSnet.

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