Trouble Shooting Tips for Garage Door Opener Repair Trouble Shooting Tips for Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door opener repair can only be effective if the real problem is identified. If it is not done right, some replacement work will need to be undertaken again after some time. Some of the main problems that may call for garage door opener repair include:

Power Problems

The remote control or the switch is not working. This might be caused by disruption of power. In addition, the power might also be turned off or there is a short circuit along the line. It is also possible that the battery powering the remote is dead.

It Does not Open or Close

This might happen if the electric motor is not working efficiently. There is need to check the tracks also because they may be damaged. If they are damaged, the company they were bought from should be notified if the warranty stands. This problem may also be caused by miscommunication between the power switch and the remote.

It Does not Open Fully or Close Fully

This arises when the switches that operate the closing and opening commands are faulty. These problems may require professional maintenance work because the mechanisms involved in some of the systems are complex. If the case requires routine maintenance such as lubrication, this can be a do-it-yourself activity.

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