Troubleshoot a Kitchen Sink Sprayer: Low Water Pressure

A kitchen sink sprayer is handy when rinsing vegetables, or washing dishes. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, you will experience low water pressure. You can fix the issue easily by trying the following troubleshooting tips.

1.  Check the Hose

Check the hose for cracks or holes. Also, if the hose has become hardened due to old age, this may cause the problem. If either of these are found, you can replace the hose which should fix the pressure problem.

2.  Check the Sprayer Head

If the sprayer head is leaking or dripping, this is the culprit. You will want to replace the sprayer as soon as you can. It is not only a nuisance and robbing your water pressure, it is running up your water bill.

3.  The Sprayer Is Just Trickling When Using

If you encounter this, you probably have a clog in the sprayer. This is a common issue for people with hard water. Tape or use a rubber band to hold the sprayer handle in so the sprayer is kept open. Soak the sprayer head in vinegar for a few hours. Next, turn on the hot water and see if the sprayer will work. If not, remove the face of the sprayer to see if there is debris inside. Use a small object, such as a pin to scrape out the debris.