Troubleshooting 3 Common Car Alarm Problems

Car alarm problems can occur for many reasons. Wiring can be an issue if the alarm was self installed by the owner of the vehicle or simple wear and tear can happen over time. Knowing how to troubleshoot your faulty car alarm will help you solve some major issues that may come up.

1 – Keyless Entry Alarms

Cars with remote entry systems can become faulty if the battery inside the remote starts to die down. If your find that you cannot activate or deactivate the alarm via the remote control, start with replacing the battery and see if it makes a difference.

2 – Programming

After replacing a remote control battery or a car battery you may find that the alarm system will switch on intermittently and annoy your neighbors at two o’clock in the morning. If this occurs, temporarily disable the alarm system until you can take it to the dealer or fitter for checking.

3 – Wiring Problems

Do-it-yourself installations can come with certain problems if the installer is not an accomplished mechanic or auto electrician. If you have wired the car alarm in yourself and you are experiencing problems, read through the installation manual again and troubleshoot by tracing back from where you started. If you find that you have crossed wires or not attached them correctly you can solve the issue.