Troubleshooting a Basement Dehumidifier

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Scrub brush
Household spray cleaner
Putty knife
Fin comb

If your basement dehumidifier does not work well, you can simply perform basic troubleshooting of it. The most frequent cause of ice buildup in your basement dehumidifier is because the unit is running in temperatures, which are too cold. Several basement dehumidifiers are not capable to operate at temperatures less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Though, there are few models intended for cooler basements, which run down to temperatures around 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Inadequate airflow, because of dirty filter, can also cause coil freezing. Never operate your basement dehumidifier if its coils are frosted.

Getting Started

Place the basement dehumidifiers in a location where there is 1 foot clearance surrounding the unit in order to have adequate air circulation throughout its operation. Lock all doors, windows and other external openings to ensure your unit is not trying to eliminate moisture from zones outside of the direct room.

Find out the room temperature through checking a close by thermostat or through using your hand-held thermometer.

Verify the filter for buildup and dirt. Unplug the basement dehumidifier from its electrical source and check out the filter by means of unlocking the filter compartment. You need to either utilize a putty knife then pry between the grill’s top as well as the cabinet body to discharge the catches, or utilize a screwdriver to take off the fasteners.

When the filter is unclean, it will hamper airflow through the basement dehumidifier and guide to freezing. Most brands recommend gently vacuuming the filter’s surface to remove dirt. Moreover, the filter can be washed using warm water particularly if it is very dirty.

Cleaning the Unit

Wash the filter using a combination of soapy, warm water and bleach. Bleach will eradicate any mildew or mold, thus it won't be wafted all-round the room once the machine is operating.

Using a vacuum along with brush attachment, clean the unit’s evaporator coils. Take away any stubborn filth using a scrub brush as well as a household spray cleaner. Scrub evenly so you do not curve the fins coating the coils.

If the fins are bent or flattened, purchase a fin comb at the nearest appliance store then use it in combing down or up the fins in order to straighten them. Wash the condenser coils, by means of brush attachment and vacuum. Again, eliminate any stubborn filth using the spray cleaner and scrub brush.

Once it is clean enough, put back the filter in its compartment. Let the ice melt then restart your basement dehumidifier.

Placing the Basement Dehumidifier Back

Set aside the unit to take advantage of the warmer temperature off from the floor. Empty the water from the unit’s tank. Then, put back the basement humidifier on a sturdy surface or a table. Replace the tank and then reconnect the basement humidifier to a power source then resume the use of the unit once the frost has already melted.